Trophies Elephant


Silver 925.

Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 1 cm.

Processing time: 1–3 working days.

Processing time: 2 weeks if the Elephant Trophies are out of stock.

3D–modeled, printed, cast, and handcrafted.

Stud earrings.



Product information

The Trophies collection features running animals and animals at the end of their run. This collection is the beginning of sculptural jewelry in Anton Leivo’s work. This aspiration gave birth to the fractal, symmetrical, and mathematical aesthetic of the Trophies collection.
Movement occurs voluntarily or involuntarily. Anton wants to encourage everyone to make the first move. That is how motion generates speed that accelerates movement, which can turn into a juggernaut of unstoppable proportions. Get inspired by the pure image and the authenticity of nature’s motion. Be part of the flow.