“Anna Loistaa”
is an expression in


which means
Let it shine

It is a call to authenticity, confidence, and enchanting luminosity.

Anna Loistaa jewelry has been designed and made by anton leivo in helsinki, finland.

SWARM Collection

The Swarm collection comprises of Nether Masks, Underground Guises, Solum Rings, Link Earrings, and Irons Bracelets.

It is a collection of 24 magical pieces of jewelry. When the right pieces are assembled, they form a Nether Amulet or summon an Underworld Envoy.

An Amulet is a conduit of energy.

An Envoy is a source of power.

Let your imagination shine!

Nether Masks and Underworld Guises

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Solum Rings

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Link Earrings

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Irons Bracelets

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Are you in the mood for a transformation?

Jewelry turned into insects—a tribute to gems, the unusual, and the inconspicuous.

Let your originality shine!


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