Drip M Earrings


Silver 925, synthetic opal.

Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 0.5 cm.

Processing time: 1–3 working days.

Processing time: 2 weeks if The Drip M Earrings are out of stock.

3D–modeled, printed, cast, and handcrafted.

Stud earrings.



Product information

The Drip got its name from the blazing sun. Image of molten metal mixed with dripping perspiration—an homage to hot summers. For Anton, summer has always been his favorite season.
The Drip has a playful tone with its melting metal mixed with colorful eye candy. Combining these materials creates a fresh new style of jewelry. The heat wave of dripping metal is here!
Anton designed a playful, easy-to-wear collection to be as adaptable as possible. Embrace the Drips.