Solo Irons


Bend Silver 925, synthetic ruby.

Dimensions: 6.0 x 6 cm.

Processing time: 1–3 working days.

Processing time: 3 weeks if The Solo Irons is out of stock.

3D–modeled, printed, cast, and handcrafted.


Out of stock

Out of stock

Product information

What is beauty? The Swarm collection answers with unconventionality.

A collection centered around the unknown—a reach for the stars.

Iron Bracelets are an opportunity for the brave.

Designer bracelets from the Swarm collection draw inspiration from myths and lore by showcasing the stark beauty of the Nordics. These bracelets are vibrant, flexible, and agile—airy, much like gusts of wind. They embody a column of air that elevates, raises, pushes, and pulls—a feather within a tornado. The calm before the storm.

Let your uniqueness shine!